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Show me a sign: Prayer Ahead

Rest Area Sign that reads Prayer Ahead

by Sister Karen Kappell

There are many ways to pray. As you take time to pray about your own gifts and talents, Sister Karen Kappell offers a reflection and poem. 

What are the possibilities you can create with God on the canvas of your life?  

The question “What do you want for today, for yesterday, for tomorrow?” brings to mind the “Prayer of Peace,” attributed to St. Francis, and thoughts about what I really wanted in my life for today, yesterday and tomorrow. Being an artist with a good portion of my time spent in creating art, a prayer flows forth:

Lord make me into a brush in your hands
Where there is grayness, let me flood color
Where there is darkness, let me sow light
Where there is disturbance, let me restore balance
Where there is blandness, let me dance color,
For your Beauty is truly brilliant and full of clarity, wonderfully colored with variations of all kinds.
For your Hand holds in perfect balance that center point which grants unending movement and great flexibility.
Grant that I may not hold on to what has been given, but totally allow your grace to flow, not crediting myself, but pointing to the Source, and not taking control but resting in the hand of the Master Painter.
~ Sister Karen Kappell, FSPA

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