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Modern Lives. Sacred Traditions.

Excerpt from Touching the Holy by Robert Wicks

It was on (an) afternoon, almost thirty-five years ago that I first met Dorothy Day. She was sitting at a table, talking with a woman who was, I quickly realized, quite drunk, yet determined to carry on a conversation. The woman…had a large purple-red birthmark along the right side of her forehead. She kept touching it as she uttered one exclamatory remark after another, none of which seemed to get the slightest rise from the person sitting opposite her.

I found myself increasingly confused by what seemed to be an interminable, essentially absurd exchange taking place between the two middle-aged women. When would it end – the alcoholic ranting and the silent nodding, occasionally interrupted by a brief question, which only served, maddeningly, to wind up the already over-talkative one rather than wind her down? Finally silence fell upon the room. Dorothy Day asked the woman if she would mind an interruption. She got up and came over to me. She said, “Are you waiting to talk with one of us?”

One of us: with those three words she had cut through layers of self-importance, a lifetime of bourgeois privilege, and scraped the hard bone of pride: “Vanity of vanities; all is vanity.” With those three words, so quietly and politely spoken, she had indirectly told me what the Catholic Worker Movement is all about and what she herself was like.


True Charity

Come to us Francis when we forget;
we are sophisticates of our age
and need to break the fast of blindness.
Sit us down in the shade of the grape vine
like you did with a hungry brother
long ago –
when you did not belittle his inability to fast,
but kindly picked some grapes
and age –
to supplant his humiliation
so that he, too, might
pick and eat of the bounty of God,
a meal of compassion
and laughter.
 - By Michele Brodoski found in The Way of St. Francis


Today, I thought it would be nice to prayerfully reflect on a couple questions from Journal Keeping by Carl J. Koch.
Keeping a daily journal inevitably leads us into considerations and revelations about our spirituality – how we live our beliefs. 

Have my actions and decisions today aligned with my beliefs?
How have I loved today?
How did I sense God during the day? What did I hear from Spirit today?


Christmas Blessing by Joyce Rupp

May there be harmony in all your relationships. May sharp words, envious thoughts and hostile feelings be dissolved.

May you give and receive love generously. May this love echo in your heart like the joy of church bells on a clear December day.

May each person who comes into your life be greeted as another Christ. May the honor given the Babe of Bethlehem be that which you extend to every guest who enters your presence.

May the hope of this sacred season settle in your soul. May it be a foundation of courage for you when times of distress occupy your inner land.

May the wonder and awe that fills the eyes of children be awakened within you. May it lead you to renewed awareness and appreciation of whatever you too easily take for granted.

May the bonds of love for one another be strengthened as you gather with your family and friends around the table of festivity and nourishment.

May you daily open the gift of your life and be grateful for the hidden treasures it contains.

May the coming year be one of good health for you. May you have energy and vitality. May you care well for your body, mind and spirit.

May you keep your eye on the Star within you and trust this Luminescent Presence to guide and direct you each day.

May you go often to the Bethlehem of your heart and visit the One who offers you peace. May you bring this peace into our world.

     - Joyce Rupp
































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