Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA)

Modern Lives. Sacred Traditions.

8th Day Center for Justice

FSPA works actively with the 8th Day Center for Justice, a prophetic voice for nearly 40 religious congregations throughout the nation. As a sponsoring member of the center, we work in solidarity with other congregations to effect systemic change in oppressive structures.

8th Day Center Mission Statement

Impelled by the belief that all creation is sacred and interrelated;
Imbued with the principles of nonviolence, mutuality and cooperation,
8th Day Center for Justice, a coalition founded by Catholic religious congregations, acts as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systems and works to change those systems.

8th Day Center Vision 
The spirituality of justice calls the staff of the 8th Day Center to envision a world of right relationships in which all creation is seen as sacred and interconnected. In such a world all people are equal and free from oppression, have a right to a just distribution of resources, and to live in harmony with the cosmos.

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